Adella’s Hospital Birth Story

I am pleased to share this fantastic “fast and furious” birth story shared with me by her amazing mama. Thank you for sharing!

Let’s start out by reminding myself and anyone else that God answers prayers in His perfect way. It is so frustrating at times when you are fervently praying a prayer that feels like it has been completely unheard or ignored. Today however I realized that God had not only answered my prayer, but had answered prayers that I didn’t even know I needed to ask. What an amazing God that we have. He forgave my frustration and doubt forwards him and blessed me beyond any of my expectations. 4.23.14 2 days overdue. 9 months of preparing for this natural birth that I had wanted my entire life. My ob that day had given me a choice that day that I was incredibly tempted with. I was 5cm dilated with no cervix. My body was ready. I was “technically” in active labor without being in labor AT ALL. In an effort to stick with my no medication wish, the doctor offered for me to come in to break my water. The goal was to hopefully send my body into labor without actually administering medication. It sounded great and we were almost 90% positive that’s what we would do the next day. My doulas and I had talked about the risks of it. Although I was disappointed with losing the spontaneous labor aspect and significantly increasing the risk of medical interventions, I was ready. Andy’s family was leaving to go out of town in 2 days and my maternity leave was ticking away. It seemed like the best option. I had Jessica and Whitney come over that night and help with some natural techniques that might bring on labor. I remember both of them saying they would be surprised if they didn’t get a call that night saying I was in labor…I didn’t believe that. That night I went to bed feeling defeated. I had prayed every night for weeks that it would be the night. I didn’t even bother with the same prayer that night. 4.24.14 Woke up at 1:36am to go pee like always. No contractions at all. I used the restroom and as I stood up I felt a pop and a huge gush. I stood there and squeezed a little just to make sure it was definitely my water breaking. It was. I went and woke up Andy and called my doula, Jessica. She advised me to rest before contractions picked up, so I tried to go back to bed. 5 minutes later a small contraction hit and water gushed more. At that time Andy and I decided to wake up, clean up the house, and call his parents to warn them that they would be needing to come over soon. I had about 10 more minutes of small contractions that I could walk through. After that my contractions were coming every 1.5-2 minutes and I had to drop to my knees to get through. We called Jessica and Andy’s parents at the same time to let them know things were moving faster than we anticipated. We wanted to labor at home for the most part, but decided it was best to head to the hospital since I was already dilated to a 5. As soon as Andy’s parents arrived, I kissed Noah bye and left. 2:30am. Andy called my mom to tell her that we were heading to the hospital and we would call her after check in so she could head over. Things started happening in the car that I didn’t really think were normal- such as a slight urge to push and nauseousness. I thought those things happened in the transition part of labor, close to the end. I told Jessica and even though she was on the way, she sent over Whitney (her partner) to meet us since she lived close by. 2:45am. Arrive at the hospital. Apparently you need to completely check in each time you come even though we were there less than a week ago. Andy went to register us while Whitney and I waited to be taken upstairs. Holy long wait. They were in no hurry to get us to a room. A man (who apparently had no idea what labor was like) told me to sit in the wheelchair while he took me to the room. I literally could not sit my bottom down because of the pressure but he couldn’t comprehend that thought. Ugh, men. I sat upright on my knees to the room. I was moaning loudly through each contraction at this point. The second I got to the room I jumped on top of the bed on all fours. The contractions were intensifying at a rapid pace. The nurse didn’t really seem like she believed they were as strong as I was making them out to be. She started a heplock and tried to find the baby’s heartbeat while another lady checked me. Surprise, surprise- I was 9cm. Jessica made it to the room and we started to request my birth accessories like music and a birth ball. That’s funny now that I think about it…like any of those could ever ease the pain I was in at that point. I think I had about 4 contractions in the room before I started to sweat, shake, and feel nauseous. At this point, Andy Is JUST NOW walking in the door from registering! He, Jessica, and Whitney are all working in different places: taking pictures, massaging my back, and applying cool clothes on my head. Next contraction hit with an intensity I could have never prepared myself for. I groaned from place I didn’t even know I had and my body pushed HARD down without a second of warning. The nurses are freaking to not push because my body wasn’t ready and I could cause swelling to my cervix. I didn’t know what they wanted me to do because me, my consciousness, or any part of me that had control did not do that— it wouldn’t stop. She did check me and again, surprise surprise, I was a 10. They were calling the doctor over and over for her to rush to the room while telling me not to push (Hahahaha). I managed to flip over on my back the second the doctor walked in. When the next contraction hit there was nothing to be done to remotely stop my body from pushing. Andy says it took about ten pushes total…i don’t really remember any of that. All I remember is feeling the “ring of fire”. That fire hurt like hell, but it was the best pain I ever felt. It almost was a pain that felt good. The contractions had gotten to a point that I didn’t feel my body could handle it anymore. I knew that the end was in sight now. Once the head came out I thought it was over…but unfortunately her shoulders were huge. I was pushing with everything I had and they were trying to move her around but she didn’t budge. I felt a slight sting that I assumed was a tear and out she came. It ended up being an episiotomy without my permission. Jessica said that at that point there really wasn’t another option so I’m not upset about it. I felt immediate relief once she was out, but it didn’t last too long. The stitches were nothing. I would take that again anytime. It was the next round of contractions that were killing me. Finally, once the placenta came I had true relief. 3:33am. She was laid on my chest and her cord was cut. 2 hours from the moment my water broke. I don’t know how I felt at that point. I was high from birth, excited, kissing Andy, thanking my doulas, and looking at Adella. It was a birth that I never imagined I could ever have. I was not remotely prepared for what I felt. It was hard and terrifying. I’m still in shock from it all so I can’t even say if I would do it again. But this time it was done. A labor that I have dreamed about forever. A daughter I have wanted to hold my entire life. I was upset with God before thinking that I was overdue and induction would be the only way… in reality, my body was prepared and it was the fastest labor I could have ever wished for. This is a memory that can’t be forgotten even if I tried. Adella Marie ….born fast and furious into this world.